Impurity Isolation and Purification

Isolation & Purification of known and unknown Impurities from mg to gm scale is done by our extremely talented team of scientists.

Certified Impurity Standards

All products are supplied with certificates of analysis. VEEPRHO is a Chemical Research Company.

Custom Synthesis of Impurity mg to g

VEEPRHO offers world-class service in chemical synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at a competitive price.

Unknown Impurity Structure Elucidation

After Isolation Purification of known and unknown Impurity from APIs and Drug products is analysed by LC-MS, HPLC, H and C NMR, FT-IR, and elemental analysis (CHNS) to confirm its structure.

More Than 10,000 Certified Impurities In Stock

We have synthesised more than 10,000 impurities as of date. VEEPRHO offers custom synthesis of impurity compounds on requests.

Cost-Effective Scientific Solutions

Our prices are the lowest prices in the world.

10000+ Impurities

100+ Scientists

24/7 Support

Worldwide Shipments

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Why choose Veeprho?

All of Veeprho’s products go through multiple quality checks to ensure that every product we ship is of the highest quality.

Our multiple quality checks have made our product’s rejection rate less than 0.01%, which is the lowest among all our competitors.

Low Rejection Rate

Pharmacopeia compliance

Specific information about impurities is found in current pharmacopeias like RRT RRF, which helps the client make a judgment to purchase impurities manufactured by Veeprho.

Veeprho’s impurities are analyzed by respective monograph to match RRT and RRF mentioned in table format in the monograph, it indicates compliance of USP, EP, BP, and other pharmacopeias, additional scientific data like MASS, NMR, and IR are support to respective impurities’ structure.

Veeprho impurity reference standards are well characterised and been used for quantitative analysis purposes in QC and Analytical.

Fast response

We at Veeprho understand your urgency and work around the clock to ensure all our in-stock products are ready to dispatch on the next working day after your order is received.

In case of high urgency, we recommend you contact us via email or by the “Request a Quotation” button. This will allow us to understand your requirement and timeline effectively and to support you appropriately.

All our ready to dispatch products are pre-inspected by our Quality Control (QC) and Analytical Team.

Impurity references delivery

Pharmaceutical Impurity Reference Standards are for Laboratories use and Research use only.

Veeprho Certifications and Accreditations


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