About Veeprho

Veeprho is a chemical research company involved in the research, development, and supply of synthesized impurities, metabolites, intermediates, and API with custom synthesis.

Our global network has its headquarters in the Czech Republic (EU), manufacturing and R&D facilities in India, and distribution offices in New Jersey (US) and United Kingdom fully-equipped to provide immediate support within all time zones.

We have strategically developed our business model to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance in a very cost-efficient way, ultimately allowing us to provide our products/services at competitive rates. Our team also works closely with clients to provide tailored solutions throughout entire project cycles so we deliver our services/products as per project needs.

Our Company’s History

Veeprho is an emerging, research-based global pharmaceutical company with a diverse combination of skills, resources, and capabilities that provide the platform to perform effectively in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Founded in 2011, Veeprho began its journey with a clear visioon. By 2012, a bank recognized the company’s potential, providing funds to expand its research laboratory. In 2013, Veeprho emerged as a notable entity in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry, offering services to industry giants, subsequently servicing over 100 leading Indian and international pharma companies. This success led to further investment and global expansion between 2014-2017, with new research labs and offices in Europe and the USA, positioning Veeprho as a leader in pharmaceutical research and development.

Leadership in the Pharmaceutical Development Process

The phenomenal business growth seen by Veeprho in recent years has been fuelled by the people we have, by the free and nurturing work environment we provide, and by the support given through clear people processes.

We have achieved a strong leadership role in pharmaceutical development by actively adapting to market trends and regulatory changes. With a focus on robust research and development, we maintain competitive service offerings. Driven by a commitment to R&D, Veeprho prides itself on outpacing industry peers and aims for substantial growth.

About the founder of Veeprho: Dr. Venkat Shinde

Dr. Venkat Shinde is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of our team and company. Click on the following link to read more about Dr. Venkat Shinde.

Veeprho Specialization

  • Impurity isolation from API or drug products by Preparative HPLC
  • Synthesis of Impurities/Metabolite
  • Intermediates and API

Our purpose is to provide critical products needed in the Pharmaceutical industry in a time-effective manner. High regulations, product availability, as well as the constant discovery of scientific impurities/metabolites, keep us busy whilst we are committed to delivering as per your needs even providing custom synthesis.

Veeprho Products

Veeprho Services

Research and Development

At Veeprho, research and development stand at the forefront of our endeavors, embodying the core of our innovation and adaptability in the fast-evolving pharmaceutical landscape. Our R&D strategy is propelled by a deeply ingrained commitment to excellence, ensuring that we not only meet but set industry standards. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of scientific discovery, keeping Veeprho at the vanguard of pharmaceutical advancements and securing our place as pioneers in the field.

Quality and Compliance

Veeprho’s commitment to quality and compliance is unwavering, as the company adheres to stringent regulatory standards to ensure the highest level of product excellence. The quality assurance processes are rigorous, encompassing all stages from research to delivery, reflecting Veeprho’s pledge to uphold the safety, purity, and efficacy of their pharmaceutical products. This dedication ensures that all offerings meet both international and industry-specific compliance benchmarks.

Customer Commitment

Veeprho is deeply committed to customer satisfaction, prioritizing the creation of strong trust foundations with its clientele. The company strives to exceed customer expectations through the delivery of quality products and meticulous documentation, measuring success by the positive feedback and loyalty of its customers. Veeprho’s dedication to service excellence is a cornerstone of its business ethos.

Global Reach

Veeprho boasts a truly international footprint, with its headquarters in the Czech Republic, EU, complemented by expansive manufacturing and R&D in India. The company extends its reach with distribution offices in the US and the UK, ensuring efficient worldwide shipping capabilities. This global presence underlines Veeprho’s commitment to delivering their specialized pharmaceutical services and products to customers across diverse geographies promptly and efficiently.

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