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  • Control of Pharmaceutical Impurities in Pharmaceutical Drug Products

    Control of pharmaceutical impurities in drug products

    Impurities in pharmaceutical products do not offer any therapeutic benefit for the patient and sometimes they are potentially toxic. The impurity level is a critical quality attribute for a drug substance or a drug product. Impurity control is one of the most important tasks in a process scale-up. Pharmaceutical impurities can be controlled by understanding … Read more

    Different Approaches for Drug Product Stress Testing

    different approaches for drug product stress testing

    Following are the different strategies for drug product stress testing: 2. In silico approach using sophisticated instruments with software can be used to understand the interaction of drugs with excipients. Due to this interaction, there are chances of the formation of potential impurities and their primary and secondary degradation impurities in the presence of different … Read more

    Drug-Excipient Compatibility Study

    Drug Excipient Compatibility Study

    What is drug-excipient compatibility? Drug-excipient compatibility study is a very much important stage of formulation development of drug products in combination with excipients. It’s a significant phase of the pre-formulation study. Drug product not only contains active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) but it’s a combination of different forms of excipients. it’s important to study the physical … Read more