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  • Computer-Assisted Control Strategy for Genotoxic & Nitrosamine Impurities

    Computer-Assisted Control Strategy for Genotoxic & Nitrosamine Impurities

    If your Drug Manufacturing Process involves the use of highly reactive reagents, their reactivity can lead to the formation of mutagenic process impurities, if they are not removed efficiently. We can support the assessment efficient removal of such material using computer-assisted tools. The tool can be used for de-risking the formation of Nitrosamine. The M7 … Read more

    Control of Nitrosamine Impurities in Human Drugs

    Control of Nitrosamine Impurities in Human Drugs

    The pharmaceutical industry is committed to producing safe and effective medicines. One aspect that has come under scrutiny is the presence of nitrosamine impurities in APIs and drug products. These impurities, considered potential human carcinogens, have led regulatory agencies to take a closer look. Let’s delve into the imperative task of Control of Nitrosamine Impurities … Read more

    CPHI & PMEC China 2024: Uniting the Pharma Industry in Shanghai

    CPHI PMEC China 2024 Uniting the Pharma Industry in Shanghai

    CPHI & PMEC China 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the pharmaceutical industry, taking place from June 19th to 21st at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This premier gathering will connect the Chinese pharma community, offering unparalleled access to the global supply chain, fostering innovation, and driving change. Where is CPHI … Read more

    CPHI & PMEC India 2024

    CPHI and PMEC India 2024

    CPHI India 2024 emerges as a pivotal event, showcasing the latest in pharma innovation and technology. Set to unfold in Mumbai, this gathering invites industry professionals to engage, share insights, and explore new opportunities. With a focus on fostering connections and highlighting emerging trends, CPHI India 2024 paves the way for advancements and collaborations in … Read more

    CPHI Japan April 2025: Bridging Innovations in Pharma

    CPHI Japan

    CPHI Japan 2025 stands as a pivotal gateway to the Japanese pharmaceutical market, showcasing the latest advancements and fostering global connections. Scheduled from April 9th to 11th at the Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 4, 5 & 6, this event promises an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to dive into the heart of pharma innovation in … Read more

    CPHI Korea 2024 in Seoul

    CPHI Korea 2024 in Seoul

    CPHI Korea 2024 stands as a pivotal event for pharma industry leaders seeking to explore the latest innovations and market trends. Set in Seoul, this gathering promises a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and the discovery of new business opportunities within the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape. Attendees can anticipate engaging directly with key stakeholders, … Read more

    CPHI Middle East 2024 in Riyadh

    CPHI Middle East 2024 in Riyadh

    CPHI Middle East 2024 is marked as a a key gathering for the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to catalyze innovation, nurture partnerships, and spotlight emerging trends. This event promises to unite industry leaders and professionals, providing a vibrant forum for exchanging ideas and advancing healthcare solutions across the region and beyond. It represents a unique opportunity … Read more

    CPHI Milano 2024: The Forefront of Pharma Innovation October 2024

    In the fast-evolving pharmaceutical landscape, the CPHI event stands out as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. This year, the spotlight turns to Milano, Italy, where the 2024 edition of this prestigious event will unfold from October 8th to 10th at the Fiera Milano. Where is CPHI Europe 2024? Set against the backdrop of Milano, … Read more

    CPHI South East Asia 2024: Pharma Innovation in the ASEAN Region

    CPHI South East Asia 2024 Pharma Innovation ASEAN Region

    The CPHI South East Asia 2024 is a significant gathering for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) pharmaceutical industry, providing a comprehensive platform for professionals across the pharmaceutical supply chain. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate networking, innovation, and business development opportunities, with over 8,000 visitors, participation from over 40 countries, and more than 300 … Read more