Determining TD50 values for Nitrosamine to establish higher Acceptable Intake

Discover our cutting-edge service designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to determine the carcinogenicity of nitrosamines through TD50 assessment. Our computational approach aligns with EMA and FDA guidelines, ensuring your products meet regulatory standards and safeguard public health.

What is TD50?

TD50 represents the dose level necessary to cause cancer in 50% of animals (typically rats) exposed under experimental conditions. It’s crucial for evaluating the carcinogenic potential of genotoxic compounds like Nitrosamines in both animals and humans.

Guidelines on TD50

The FDA and EMA stipulate that the Acceptable Intake (AI) limits for highly genotoxic impurities, such as Nitrosamines, should be grounded on TD50 values. This approach is endorsed by major health authorities, including those in the US, Europe, and Canada, to ensure consumer safety.

Benefits of TD50 Assessment

  • Determines acceptable intake: Tailor AI of Nitrosamines to specific assessments rather than general limits, potentially allowing higher safe intake levels.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensures products meet the stringent guidelines set by regulatory bodies.
  • Risk mitigation: Minimizes the risk of batch failures due to exceeding the general limit of genotoxic impurities.

Why Perform a TD50 Assessment?

Conducting a TD50 Assessment is essential for deriving safe intake levels of Nitrosamines, ensuring product safety, and maintaining regulatory compliance. It’s a proactive measure against the potential health risks associated with genotoxic impurities.

We utilize sophisticated software for surrogate analysis to perform comprehensive TD50 assessments. This method is recognized and accepted by regulatory authorities, providing you with a reliable basis for product safety decisions.

Why Choose Our Service?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned investigators who understand the intricacies of nitrosamine risk assessment and control throughout the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing process.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with a service that is fully aligned with FDA, EMA, and other relevant guidelines for nitrosamine testing and control.
  • Risk Mitigation: Proactively address potential nitrosamine impurities, minimizing the risk of costly recalls and protecting patient health.
  • End-to-End Support: From early development stages through to commercial production and regulatory submission, our comprehensive service ensures you have the expert support you need at every step.

Our Approach

Our investigators employ a systematic approach to nitrosamine control, combining state-of-the-art analytical techniques with deep regulatory expertise. We work collaboratively with your team, offering tailored support that fits your specific needs and challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific guideline for TD50?

  • Yes, major health authorities like the USFDA and EMA provide guidelines emphasizing the importance of TD50 values in determining Acceptable Intake levels of Nitrosamines.

What can happen without TD50 Assessment?

  • Without it, companies must adhere to potentially lower general limits, increasing the risk of batch failures.

Is the TD50 assessment accepted by Regulatory Authorities?

  • Yes, assessments based on computational toxicology are recognized and accepted by regulatory authorities.

Integration of TD50 Assessment?

  • We provide a comprehensive report that includes interpretation, final acceptable intake, and limit conclusions, aiding in decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Alternative Names for TD50 Assessment?

  • Also known as Carcinogenic Potency Assessment.

Tools for TD50 Assessment?

  • Our assessments are conducted using advanced software tools for surrogate analysis, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

TD50 Training?

  • We offer training for QA and Regulatory Affairs teams to understand and implement TD50 assessments effectively.

Sample TD50 Assessment?

  • Available upon request, we provide partial screenshots as examples of our work.


  • Pricing details are provided upon request, tailored to your specific needs.

Turnaround Time?

  • Our comprehensive TD50 assessment, including internal expert review, is delivered within 10 working days.

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