65281-76-7: 14-Chlorodehydroabietic Acid

Status: Under Development

14-Chlorodehydroabietic Acid (CAS No: 65281-76-7) belongs to the group of Resin acids which is a diterpenoid compound important as a toxic component of pulp mill effluents and as contaminants of process waters for pulp and paper manufacturing.

Additional information on CAS 65281-76-7

Catalogue No. VL5000003
CAS No. 65281-76-7
Molecular Formula C20H27ClO2
Molecular Weight 334.88
Parent drug Abietic Acid
IUPAC Name (1R, 4aS, 10aR)-8-Chloro-7-isopropyl-1, 4a-dimethyl-1, 2, 3, 4, 4a, 9, 10, 10a-octahydrophenanthrene-1-carboxylic Acid
Synonyms N/A
References Mohn, William. PROJECT REPORT 1999-15 Biochemistry and Ecology of Resin Acid-Degrading Bacteria. https://era.library.ualberta.ca/items/7ad6cd8d-9b78-4756-9d93-8db0df589d06/view/69b7d6fd-209d-4f84-94bd-551a603cd53e/PR_1999-15.pdf
Status Under Development

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65281-76-7: 14-Chlorodehydroabietic Acid

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