156223-31-3: Prolyl-rapamycin

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It is one of impurity present in rapamycin. Rapamycin works by inhibiting T-lymphocyte activation and proliferation stimulated by antigens and cytokines such as interleukin (IL)-2, IL-4, and IL-15. In target cells rapamycin binds to the cytoplasmic receptor FK506-binding protein-12, which is a serine threonine-specific protein kinase that regulates cell growth, proliferation, survival, mobility, and angiogenesis.mTOR regulates the downstream signaling pathways involved in cell survival, such as the phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase signaling pathway. which is used to prevent organ transplant rejections and treat lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

Additional information on CAS 156223-31-3

Catalogue No. VE009050
CAS No. 156223-31-3
Molecular Formula C50H77NO13
Molecular Weight 900.15 g/mol
Parent drug Rapamycin
IUPAC Name Prolyl-rapamycin
Synonyms N/A
References Li, J., Kim, S., & Blenis, J. (2014). Rapamycin: One Drug, Many Effects. Cell Metabolism, 19(3), 373–379. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cmet.2014.01.001
Status In-stock

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156223-31-3: Prolyl-rapamycin

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