36039-36-8: Ibuprofen EP Impurity P

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Ibuprofen EP Impurity P (CAS No: 36039-36-8) Or (2RS)-2-(4-isobutylphenyl)propane-1-ol, it is an Impurity of ibuprofen, ibuprofen work by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase enzymes, ibuprofen is an everyday painkiller for a range of aches and pains.

Additional information on CAS 36039-36-8

Catalogue No. VL81022
CAS No. 36039-36-8
Molecular Formula C13H20O
Molecular Weight 192.3
Parent drug Ibuprofen
IUPAC Name (2RS)-2-(4-isobutylphenyl)propan-1-ol
Synonyms Ibuprofen BP Impurity P; Ibuprofen Alcohol; ?-Methyl-4-(2-methylpropyl)benzeneethanol; 2-(4-Isobutylphenyl)propanol; 2-(4-Isobutylphenyl)propyl Alcohol; Ibuprofen Impurity C;
Smiles CC(C)CC1=CC=C(C=C1)C(C)CO
References Sci-Hub, Use of the zirconia-based stationary phase for separation of ibuprofen and its impurities, 10.1016/j.jpba.2005.02.002. (2021). Retrieved December 8, 2021, from Hkvisa.net website: https://sci-hub.hkvisa.net/10.1016/j.jpba.2005.02.002 ?
Status In-stock

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36039-36-8: Ibuprofen EP Impurity P

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