61445-55-4: N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric Acid(NMBA)

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It is a derivative of n-nitroso compounds that were found in batches of other sartans, such as losartan and irbesartan, all of these are carcinogens and harmful if consumed at a level beyond a certain acceptable daily limit.

Additional information on CAS 61445-55-4

Catalogue No. VL3850049
CAS No. 61445-55-4
Molecular Formula C5H10N2O3
Molecular Weight 146.14
Parent drug N/A
IUPAC Name 4-(Methylnitrosoamino)butanoic Acid
Synonyms 4-(Methylnitrosoamino)butanoic Acid; N-Methyl-N-(3-carboxypropyl)nitrosamine; NMBA
References AjpaonlineYang, Jingyue, et al. “A Cautionary Tale: Quantitative LC-HRMS Analytical Procedures for the Analysis of N-Nitrosodimethylamine in Metformin.” The AAPS Journal, vol. 22, no. 4, July 2020, https://doi.org/10.1208/s12248-020-00473-w.?Ray, Avik, et al. “Understanding the Molecular–Pharmaceutical Basis of Sartan Recalls Focusing on Valsartan.” Global Cardiology Science and Practice, vol. 2020, no. 2, Dec. 2020, https://doi.org/10.21542/gcsp.2020.25.?.com, 2019, ajpaonline.com/HTML_Papers/Asi
Status In-stock

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61445-55-4: N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric Acid(NMBA)

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