684-93-5: N-Nitroso N-Methylurea

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Also known as 1-Methyl-1-nitrosourea, it is a derivative of the N-nitroso compound which is an anti-biotic with a diabetogenic, carcinogenic and as potent inducer of diabetes, antitumoractivity thought to act via alkylation of DNA and proteins.

Additional information on CAS 684-93-5

Catalogue No. VE006104
CAS No. 684-93-5
Molecular Formula C2H5N3O2
Molecular Weight 103.08
Parent drug N/A
IUPAC Name N-Methyl-N-nitroso Urea
Synonyms 1-Methyl-1-nitrosourea
References Kröncke, Klaus-D., et al. “Nitric Oxide Generation during Cellular Metabolization of the Diabetogenic N-Mefhyl-N-Nitroso-Urea Streptozotozin Contributes to Islet Cell DNA Damage.” Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler, vol. 376, no. 3, Jan. 1995, pp. 179–86, https://doi.org/10.1515/bchm3.1995.376.3.179.?
Status Not Available

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684-93-5: N-Nitroso N-Methylurea

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