Tigecycline Related Compound B

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It is an impurity present in Tigecycline. Tigecycline is a glycylcycline antibiotic, that inhibits protein translation in bacteria by binding to the 30S ribosomal subunit and blocking the entry of amino-acyl tRNA molecules into the A site of the ribosome. which prevents the unionization of amino acid residues into elongating peptide chains. which carries a glycylamido moiety attached to the 9-position of minocycline. Tigecycline is not affected by the two major tetracycline resistance mechanisms ribosomal protection and efflux. which is used to treat several susceptible bacterial infections.

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Additional information on Tigecycline Related Compound B

Catalogue No. VE009861
Molecular Formula C23H28N4O7 ? xHCl
Molecular Weight 472.50 g/mol
Parent drug Tigecycline
IUPAC Name ((4S, 4aS, 5aR, 12aS)-9-Amino-4, 7-bis(dimethylamino)-3, 10, 12, 12a-tetrahydroxy-1, 11-dioxo1, 4, 4a, 5, 5a, 6, 11, 12a-octahydrotetracene-2-carboxamide hydrochloride (1:x))
Synonyms N/A
References ‌Greer, N. D. (2006). Tigecycline (Tygacil): The First in the Glycylcycline Class of Antibiotics. Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings, 19(2), 155–161. https://doi.org/10.1080/08998280.2006.11928154
Status In-stock

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Tigecycline Related Compound B

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