950603-46-0: Topiramate EP Impurity D

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Topiramate EP Impurity D (CAS No: 950603-46-0) Or 2,3:4,5-bis-O-(Propan-2,2-diyl)-v-D-fructopyranose-1-[N-[[(2,3:4,5-bis-O-(propan-2,2-diyl)-v-D-fructopyranosyl]oxy]carbamoyl]sulfamate,Topiramate EP Impurity D is an impurity of Topiramate, Topiramate is a sulfamate-substituted monosaccharide, which is prescribed for the treatment of epilepsy.

Additional information on CAS 950603-46-0

Catalogue No. VE008404
CAS No. 950603-46-0
Molecular Formula C25H39NO15S
Molecular Weight 625.64 g/mol
Parent drug Topiramate
IUPAC Name 2, 3:4, 5-bis-O-(Propan-2, 2-diyl)-β-D-fructopyranose-1-[N-[[(2, 3:4, 5-bis-O-(propan-2, 2-diyl)-β-D-fructopyranosyl]oxy]carbamoyl]sulfamate
Synonyms N/A
References Sci-Hub, Determination of topiramate and its degradation product in liquid oral solutions by high performance liquid chromatography with a chemiluminescent nitrogen detector, 10.1016/j.jpba.2004.11.010. (2021). Retrieved December 27, 2021, from Sci-hub.ee website: https://sci-hub.ee/10.1016/j.jpba.2004.11.010
Status In-stock

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950603-46-0: Topiramate EP Impurity D

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