109-52-4: Valproic Acid EP Impurity A

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Valproic Acid EP Impurity A ( CAS NO.:109-52-4 ) chemically known as 1-Butanecarboxylic Acid is a process-related impurity of Divalproex sodium. Divalproex sodium is a coordination complex of the sodium valproate and valproic acid is an anticonvulsant and is used to treat several types of seizure disorders, tonic-clonic, and simple/complex partial seizures.

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Additional information on CAS 109-52-4

Catalogue No. VL4580001
CAS No. 109-52-4
Molecular Formula C5H10O2
Molecular Weight 102.13
Parent drug Valproic Acid
IUPAC Name pentanoic acid
Synonyms Sodium valporate impurity A; Valeric Acid; 1-Butanecarboxylic Acid; NSC 406833; Propylacetic Acid; n-Pentanoic Acid; n-Valeric Acid
Smiles CCCCC(=O)O
References Reddy, S. Raghavender, et al. “Reliable GC Method for Related Substances in Divalproex Sodium Drug.” Journal of Chromatographic Science, vol. 55, no. 9, July 2017, pp. 891–98, https://doi.org/10.1093/chromsci/bmx057. ?
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109-52-4: Valproic Acid EP Impurity A

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