Abamectin Impurities

Abamectin is a common pesticide and antihelmintic.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Abamectin B1b Abamectin

Abamectin B1b

VL4970007 N/A
Amlodipine Methyl Ester Analogue Amlodipine

Amlodipine Methyl Ester Analogue

VL19011 N/A
Avermectin B1 Abamectin

Avermectin B1

VL4970001 71751-41-2
Avermectin B1a Aglycone Abamectin

Avermectin B1a Aglycone

VL4970009 71828-14-3
Delta-2-Avermectin B1a Abamectin

Delta-2-Avermectin B1a

VL4970011 110415-68-4
Delta-2-Avermectin B1b Abamectin

Delta-2-Avermectin B1b

VL4970003 N/A
Dihydro Abamectin A1a Impuirty 1 Abamectin

Dihydro Abamectin A1a Impuirty 1

VE0011662 N/A
Dihydro Abamectin A1a Impuirty 3 Abamectin

Dihydro Abamectin A1a Impuirty 3

VE0011733 N/A
Ivermectin EP Impurity A Abamectin

Ivermectin EP Impurity A

VL4970005 N/A
Z-(8,9), Z-(10,11) Avermectin B1a Abamectin

Z-(8,9), Z-(10,11) Avermectin B1a

VL4970002 N/A
Z-8,9 Avermectin B1a Abamectin

Z-8,9 Avermectin B1a

VE009999 113665-89-7
12-Demethyl-12-ethyl Avermectin B1a Abamectin

12-Demethyl-12-ethyl Avermectin B1a

VL4970004 N/A
22,23-dihydroavermectin B1b Abamectin

22,23-dihydroavermectin B1b

VL4970006 N/A

Abamectin Related Compound

Abamectin is an Avermectin family member and a natural fermentation product of the soil-dwelling actinomycete Streptomyces avermitilis.




Is abamectin used topically or systemically?

Abamectin is a broad-spectrum systemic pesticide that affects insects’ and mites’ nerve systems, producing paralysis within hours. It is utilised to provide natural pest control since it has both contact and systemic qualities.

How long does abamectin work?

When used correctly, abamectin should give 60 days of action.

What is the mechanism of action of avermectins?

Avermectin prevents the propagation of electrical impulses in invertebrate muscle and neurons by increasing the glutamate effects on the invertebrate-specific gated chloride channel.