Acamprosate Impurities

Acamprosate is a drug used for the maintenance of alcohol abstinence

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Acamprosate Calcium Acamprosate

Acamprosate Calcium

VL4720007 77337-73-6
Acamprosate EP Impurity A Acamprosate

Acamprosate EP Impurity A

VL4720001 3687-18-1
Acamprosate EP Impurity B (Calcium Salt) Acamprosate

Acamprosate EP Impurity B (Calcium Salt)

VE0010860 N/A
Acamprosate EP Impurity B (Potassium Salt) Acamprosate

Acamprosate EP Impurity B (Potassium Salt)

VE0011669 N/A
Acamprosate Impurity 1 Acamprosate

Acamprosate Impurity 1

VL4720008 741659-31-4
Acamprosate Impurity 1 Calcium Salt Acamprosate

Acamprosate Impurity 1 Calcium Salt

VL4720006 233591-26-9
Acamprosate Related Compound B Acamprosate

Acamprosate Related Compound B

VE008453 N/A
Acamprosate-D3 Calcium Salt Acamprosate

Acamprosate-D3 Calcium Salt

DVE00100 1225580-94-8
Acetyl Homotaurine Acamprosate

Acetyl Homotaurine

VE0011671 77337-76-9
Acetyl Homotaurine-D3 Acamprosate

Acetyl Homotaurine-D3

DVE00104 N/A
N-(3-Sulfopropyl) Glycine Acamprosate

N-(3-Sulfopropyl) Glycine

VE0011670 77164-05-7
N-Acetylhomotaurine Acamprosate


VL4720003 N/A
N-Acetylhomotaurine-D6 Acamprosate


DVE00103 N/A

Acamprosate Related Compound

It is a structural analog of the neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)


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Does acarbose belong to with drug class?

Acarbose belongs to a family of medications known as alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. It works by slowing down the action of enzymes that break down meals into glucose.

Why is acarbose used for hypoglycemia?

Acarbose inhibits an enzyme that converts glucose from starchy carbs (like bread, potatoes, etc.) in the colon. As a result, your body will absorb less glucose from food, giving your pancreas more time to produce more insulin and decrease blood sugar levels after meals.

Does acarbose prevent diabetes?

It has been demonstrated to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and hypertension in people with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). The only oral diabetic medication that is presently licensed for the treatment of both prediabetes and type 2 diabetes is acarbose.