Amifostine Impurities

Amifostine is used to protect the kidneys from the adverse effects of the chemotherapy agent cisplatin in patients receiving this medicine for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Amifostine Disulfide Tetrahydrochloride Amifostine

Amifostine Disulfide Tetrahydrochloride

VE009627 10027-65-3
Amifostine Impurity 1 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 1

VL6220002 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 10 TriHCl Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 10 TriHCl

VE0012146 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 2 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 2

VL6220003 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 3 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 3

VL6220004 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 4 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 4

VL6220006 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 5 (HCl) Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 5 (HCl)

VL6220007 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 6 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 6

VL6220008 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 7 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 7

VL6220009 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 8 Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 8

VL6220010 N/A
Amifostine Impurity 9 DiHBr Amifostine

Amifostine Impurity 9 DiHBr

VL6220011 23545-42-8
Amifostine Thiol Amifostine

Amifostine Thiol

VL6220012 31098-42-7
Amifostine Thiol Dihydrochloride Amifostine

Amifostine Thiol Dihydrochloride

VE009626 14653-77-1
Amifostine Thiol-D6 Ditrifluoroacetate Amifostine

Amifostine Thiol-D6 Ditrifluoroacetate

DVE00144 N/A
Amiloride EP Impurity B (Sodium Salt) Amifostine

Amiloride EP Impurity B (Sodium Salt)

VL4630003 N/A

Amifostine Related Compound

Amifostine is also used to treat dry mouth induced by radiation therapy following head and neck cancer surgery.



What medical conditions does amifostine treat?

Amifostine is approved to protect against renal (kidney) toxicity. It is used to minimize the nephrotoxic effects of cisplatin therapy for advanced ovarian cancer.

What is the amifostine mechanism of action?

Amifostine protects the DNA from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and chemotherapeutic drug-associated reactive species. It has anti-mutagenic and anti-cancer effects.

Does amifostine treat peripheral neuropathy?

Amifostine decreased the nociception generated by oxaliplatin in mice, indicating that it might be used to treat oxaliplatin-induced peripheral sensory neuropathy.