Arginine Impurities

It may be beneficial in decreasing blood pressure, alleviating angina and PAD symptoms, and treating erectile dysfunction caused by physical reasons.

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Arginine Related Compound

It is also used to treat anti-inflammatories and vasodilators.



What is the mechanism of action of arginine?

In terms of mechanism of action, l-arginine serves as a substrate for the enzyme endothelial NOS, which is present inside vascular endothelium cells and is responsible for the creation of nitric oxide, which promptly exits the endothelial cells to induce vascular smooth muscle cell relaxation.

Is arginine an anti-inflammatory?

L-Arginine’s anti-inflammatory properties promote muscle repair. The ability of l-arginine to inhibit cytokine release by macrophages in mdx muscle, including TNF-, IL-1, and IL-6, implies that this molecule may interfere with inflammatory cascades generated during the dystrophic process.

What is the role of arginine in growth?

Several amino acids promote cellular development. l-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that stimulates GH production by blocking somatostatin, which inhibits the GH-releasing hormone in newborns and children.