Artemisinin Impurities

It is used For the treatment of malaria, artemisinin (ARS) and its derivatives (ARSs) are suggested as first-line antimalarial medicines.

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Artemisinin Related Compound

Aside from antimalarial activity, their powerful anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory characteristics, as well as the capacity to control oxidative stress, have propelled them to prominence.


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Is artemisinin an antibiotic?

Artemisinin was discovered to be an effective antibacterial, antifungal, antileishmanial, and anticancer agent in addition to its antimalarial activities.

What is the mechanism of action of artemisinin?

Artemisinin is thought to function in two stages. Intra-parasitic heme-iron initially activates artemisinin by catalyzing the cleavage of this endoperoxide. A free radical intermediate produced as a result may then kill the parasite by alkylating and poisoning one or more critical malarial protein(s).

What is the artemisinin compound used in the treatment?

Various artemisinin-related substances are now utilized to treat malaria across the world.