Benzene Sulfonic Acid Impurities

Benzene-sulfonic acid is a food additive that has antibacterial properties.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Benzene Sulfonic Acid Benzene Sulfonic Acid

Benzene Sulfonic Acid

VL228001 98-11-3

Benzene Sulfonic Acid Related Compound

Fungistatic chemicals are commonly used as a food preservative. Because of its capacity to bind amino acids, sodium benzoate is utilized as a therapy for urea cycle problems in its sodium salt form.


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What is the use of Benzene-Sulfonic-Acid?

As an acid catalyst, benzenesulfonic acid is utilized. To standardize colors, sodium salt is utilized. Benzenesulfonate salts make a range of pharmaceutical medicines known as isolates (INN) or besylates (USAN).

Is benzene-sulfonic acid used as surfactant-enhanced oil recovery (SEOR)?

Surfactant-enhanced oil recovery (SEOR), also known as surfactant flushing, employs benzenesulfonic acid. The application of surfactants enables for greater recovery of vast amounts of LNAPL (petroleum hydrocarbon.

What is the mechanism of benzene sulphonic acid?

Because of its increased electronegativity, the oxygen in sulfuric acid attracts an electron, resulting in the formation of an electrophile. The benzene ring is attacked, resulting in the production of benzenesulfonic acid.