Betamethasone Dipropionate Impurities

Betamethasone topical cream, gel, lotion, and ointment are used to treat skin problems that cause redness, itching, swelling, or other discomforts.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Betamethasone Dipropionate EP Impurity F Betamethasone Dipropionate

Betamethasone Dipropionate EP Impurity F

VL2700018 66917-44-0
Betamethasone Dipropionate-D5 Betamethasone Dipropionate

Betamethasone Dipropionate-D5

DVE00223 N/A
Betamethasone Dipropionate-D6 Betamethasone Dipropionate

Betamethasone Dipropionate-D6

DVE00224 N/A

Betamethasone Dipropionate Compound

Adults with mild to severe plaque psoriasis are treated with betamethasone topical spray. It is a steroid (cortisone-like drug) that prevents the inflammation caused by allergic responses.



Is betamethasone dipropionate an antifungal?

BETAMETHASONE is an antifungal and corticosteroid lotion. It is used to treat ringworm and infections such as jock itch and athlete’s foot. It also aids in the relief of swelling, redness, and itching produced by these illnesses.

What is the mechanism of action of betamethasone dipropionate ?

Betamethasone dipropionate binds to certain intracellular glucocorticoid receptors and then to DNA, modifying gene expression. Certain anti-inflammatory proteins are activated, whereas the creation of certain inflammatory mediators is suppressed.

Is beclomethasone dipropionate an antihistamine?

Beclomethasone nasal spray is utilized for treating permanent (year-round) or seasonal hay fever (allergic rhinitis) symptoms such as an itchy or runny nose, sneezing, or additional symptoms. It is a steroid (cortisone-like drug) that prevents the inflammation caused by allergic responses.