Bexarotene Impurities

Bexarotene is employed to manage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL, a kind of lymphoma [cancer] that targets the skin) in patients who have failed to respond to at least one prior drug.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Bexarotene Acyl Glucuronide Bexarotene

Bexarotene Acyl Glucuronide

VE0012742 198700-33-3
Bexarotene Amide Impurity Bexarotene

Bexarotene Amide Impurity

VE006531 N/A
Bexarotene Impurity 11 Bexarotene

Bexarotene Impurity 11

VE0012739 N/A
Bexarotene Impurity 12 Bexarotene

Bexarotene Impurity 12

VE0012740 N/A
Bexarotene Impurity 8 Bexarotene

Bexarotene Impurity 8

VE0012731 29641-87-0
Bexarotene Keto Acid Impurity Bexarotene

Bexarotene Keto Acid Impurity

VE006530 153559-46-7
Bexarotene Ketone Methyl Ester Impurity Bexarotene

Bexarotene Ketone Methyl Ester Impurity

VE006533 153559-45-6
Bexarotene Methyl Ester Impurity Bexarotene

Bexarotene Methyl Ester Impurity

VE006534 153559-48-9
Bexarotene Tetrahydro Naphthalene Impurity Bexarotene

Bexarotene Tetrahydro Naphthalene Impurity

VE006532 6683-48-3
Bexarotene-D4 Bexarotene


DVE00227 N/A
6-Hydroxy Bexarotene Bexarotene

6-Hydroxy Bexarotene

VE0012741 N/A
7-Oxo Bexarotene Bexarotene

7-Oxo Bexarotene

VE0012743 368451-15-4

Bexarotene Related Compound

Bexarotene belongs to the retinoids class of medicines. It works by preventing cancer cell development.


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What is the mechanism of action of bexarotene?

Bexarotene binds and activates RXRs, which are ligand-activated transcription factors that regulate gene expression. This affects cell proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation.

What are the indications for bexarotene?

Bexarotene capsules are approved for the treatment of cutaneous symptoms of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

What class of drug is bexarotene?

Bexarotene belongs to the retinoids class of medicines. It works by preventing cancer cell development.