Calcitriol Impurities

A drug called calcitriol is used to treat low calcium levels brought on by renal disease.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Calcitriol EP Impurity A Calcitriol

Calcitriol EP Impurity A

VE006889 73837-24-8
Calcitriol EP Impurity B Calcitriol

Calcitriol EP Impurity B

VE006890 66791-71-7
Calcitriol EP Impurity C Calcitriol

Calcitriol EP Impurity C

VE0016351 86307-44-0
Calcitriol Impurity 29 Calcitriol

Calcitriol Impurity 29

VE0013120 144848-24-8
Calcitriol Impurity 30 Calcitriol

Calcitriol Impurity 30

VE0013121 1101133-55-4
Calcitriol Impurity 31 Calcitriol

Calcitriol Impurity 31

VE0013123 N/A
Calcitriol-D6 Calcitriol


DVE00285 78782-99-7
Methylene Calcitriol Calcitriol

Methylene Calcitriol

VE0011026 1428946-52-4

Calcitriol Related Compound

Infections of the parathyroid gland can also be treated. Your body absorbs more calcium (vitamin D) as a result of calcitriol, which also helps control parathyroid hormone levels.


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What is the therapeutic and pharmacologic class of calcitriol?

Calcitriol belongs to the group of drugs known as vitamin D analogs. It functions by enhancing the body’s utilisation of calcium from dietary sources or supplements and controlling parathyroid hormone synthesis.

What is calcitriol used for in CKD?

By boosting intestinal calcium absorption and assisting in preventing calcium release in the kidneys, calcitriol can reduce hypocalcemia in CKD patients.

Is calcitriol a vitamin B12?

A synthetic form of vitamin D known as calcitriol controls the body’s calcium intake and fortifies bones. One of vitamin B12’s functional forms is methylcobalamin. This promotes healthy cell formation and growth as well as the creation of red and white blood cells and proteins.