Miscellaneous Compounds

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Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No.
N/A Acetaldehyde VL5130002View CAS 75-07-0
N/A Acrylic acid VL3850095View CAS 79-10-7
N/A Agrimol B VL5590001View CAS 55576-66-4
N/A Alpha-Pinene VE008490View CAS 80-56-8
N/A Aminomethylphosphonic Acid (AMPA) VL6410001View CAS 1066-51-9
N/A Aminopyralid VL6320001View CAS 150114-71-9
N/A Ammonium Hexafluorophosphate VE0011357View CAS 16941-11-0
N/A Azoxymethane impurity VE008066View CAS 25843-45-2
N/A Benzotrichloride VE009174View CAS 98-07-7
N/A Benzyl 4-Fluorophenyl Ketone VE008527View CAS 347-84-2
N/A Bis(2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethoxy)methane VE0010455View CAS 143-29-3
Gadobutrol Bis(2-aminoethyl)(nitroso)amine VE008000View CAS 741659-46-1
N/A Bis(4-aminophenyl)terephthalate VL3850114View CAS 16926-73-1
N/A Bromochloromethane VE006436View CAS 74-97-5
N/A Cis-11-eicosenoic acid VL3850081View CAS 5561-99-9
N/A D-Phenylalaninol VE008574View CAS 5267-64-1
N/A Diacetin VE008510View CAS 25395-31-7
N/A Dibenzoyl-D-tartaric acid VE008575View CAS 17026-42-5
N/A Dicyclopropylamine VL1160001View CAS 246257-69-2
N/A Diisobutylene VL3850062View CAS 25167-70-8
N/A Ethyl 3-aminocrotonate VE009141View CAS 626-34-6
N/A Ethyl 3-bromopropionate VE0011303View CAS 539-74-2
N/A Ethyl 4-chloropiperidine-1-carboxylate VL3850117View CAS 152820-13-8
N/A Ethyl 4-morpholinylacetate VE0011229View CAS 3235-82-3
Pregablin Ethyl Cyanoacetate VE006051View CAS 105-56-6
N/A Ethyl Methanesulfonate VE009306View CAS 62-50-0
N/A Ethyl Trifluoromethanesulfonate VE009308View CAS 425-75-2
N/A Ethyl-n-methyl Malonamide VE0011233View CAS 71510-95-7
N/A Fluoromalonaldehydic Acid VE0010122View CAS 58629-87-1
N/A Heptanoic Acid VE0011265View CAS 111-14-8
N/A Hydrazine Monohydrate VE009045View CAS 7803-57-8
N/A Hypericin VE008634View CAS 548-04-9
N/A Isodecanol VE0011235View CAS 25339-17-7
N/A Isopropyl Ethanesulfonate VE009177View CAS 14245-62-6
N/A Isopropyl Methane Sulphonate VE008537View CAS 926-06-7
Canagliflozin L-glucano-1, 5-lactone VE005872View CAS 52153-09-0
N/A Linoleic Acid VL3850069View CAS 60-33-3
N/A Methyl 6, 8-dichlorooctanoate VE0011315View CAS 58536-19-9
N/A Methyl 8-chloro-6-hydroxyoctanoate VE0011313View CAS 75033-15-7
N/A Methyl Acetoacetate VL5240001View CAS 105-45-3
N/A Methyl Behenate VL3850107View CAS 929-77-1
N/A Methyl Isonicotinate VE0010146View CAS 2459-09-8
N/A Methyl Linoleate VL3850073View CAS 112-63-0
N/A Methyl Linolenate VL3850074View CAS 301-00-8
N/A Methyl Myristate VL3850106View CAS 124-10-7
N/A Methyl Palmitate VL3850071View CAS 112-39-0
N/A Methyl Palmitoleic Acid VL3850108View CAS 1120-25-8
N/A Methyl chlorosulfonate VE008452View CAS 812-01-1
N/A Methyl stearate VL3850070View CAS 112-61-8
N/A N, N, N', N'-Tetraethylethylenediamine VE008795View CAS 150-77-6
N/A N, N-diisopropylcarbodiimide VE008273View CAS 693-13-0
N/A N- Nitroso piperazine Dimer VE000128View CAS 140-79-4
N/A N- Nitroso piperazine Monomer VE000129View CAS 5632-47-3
N/A N-Amino-N-phenylnitrous Amide VE008544View CAS 614-01-7
N/A N-Ethyl-N-nitroso-2-propanamine-d5 DVE006View CAS 16339-04-1
N/A N-Formylpiperazine VE006595View CAS 7755-92-2
N/A N-Nitroso Methyl-Nitroguanidine VE006385View CAS 70-25-7
N/A N-Nitroso N-Methylurea VE006104View CAS 684-93-5
N/A N-Nitroso pyrrole VE0010053View CAS 1233340-43-6
N/A N-Nitroso-2-pyrrolidinone VE006350View CAS 54634-49-0
N/A N-Nitroso-3-pyrrolidinol VE009916View CAS 56222-35-6
N/A N-Nitroso-N-Ethyl Piperazine VE006359View CAS 65504-33-8
N/A N-Nitroso-dodecyl methylamine VE008055View CAS 55090-44-3
Nitroso N-Nitrosodicyclohexylamine VE006457View CAS 947-92-2
N/A N-Nitrosodiisopropanolamine VE008027View CAS 53609-64-6
N/A N-Nitrosofenfluramine VE009820View CAS 19023-40-6
N/A N-Nitrosomethylethanolamine VE006110View CAS 26921-68-6
N/A N-Octylpyridin-4-Amine VE000098View CAS 64690-19-3
N/A Nethyldiethanolamine VE006022View CAS 139-87-7
N/A Ninhydrin VE009390View CAS 485-47-2
N/A O-(7-Azabenzotriazol-1-yl)-N, N, N', N'-tetramethyluronium hexafluorophosphate VE008405View CAS 148893-10-1
N/A O-Phthalaldehyde VE006066View CAS 643-79-8
N/A Phenethyl Isocyanate VE008459View CAS 1943-82-4
N/A Phenylacetyl Chloride VE008557View CAS 103-80-0
N/A Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride VE008517View CAS 59-88-1
N/A Propiophenone VL3850039View CAS 93-55-0
N/A Propranolol Genotoxic Impurity RS-06 VE0010318View CAS 23916-49-6
N/A Propylhydrazine VL3850023View CAS 5039-61-2
N/A Salicylaldehyde Azine VE006059View CAS 959-36-4
N/A Sodium Azide VE009063View CAS 26628-22-8
N/A Sodium Benzenesulfonate VE008421View CAS 515-42-4
N/A Solketal VE007658View CAS 100-79-8
N/A Sulfamic Acid VE008164View CAS 5329-14-6
Terazosin Tetrahydrofuroic Acid VE006494View CAS 16874-33-2
N/A Triacetin VE008509View CAS 102-76-1
N/A Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid Methyl Ester VE009307View CAS 333-27-7
N/A Tris(2, 4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate VE009009View CAS 95906-11-9
N/A Triuret VE009853View CAS 556-99-0
N/A cis-Cinnamaldehyde VE008377View CAS 57194-69-1
N/A 1, 1, 2-Tri(phthalazin-3-yl)hydrazine VE0010238View CAS 103429-73-8
N/A 1, 1, 2-Trifluoropropane VE0011355View CAS 66794-35-2
N/A 1, 1, 5, 5-Tetramethyl-2-(prop-1-en-2-yl)-3-(2, 2, 4-trimethylpentyl)cyclohexane VE0010366View CAS 2512216-71-4
N/A 1, 2-Dichlorobenzene VE008443View CAS 95-50-1
N/A 1, 4-Cineole VE008491View CAS 470-67-7
N/A 1, 4-benzodioxane-6-aldehyde VE006020View CAS 29668-44-8
N/A 1-(2, 4, 6-Trichlorophenyl)-2-thiourea VE008561View CAS 31118-87-3
N/A 1-(3-Phenyl-2-propenyl)piperazine VE0011209View CAS 18903-01-0
N/A 1-Aminophthalazine VE0011202View CAS 19064-69-8
N/A 1-Bromo-3-Chloro Propane VL3850011View CAS 109-70-6
N/A 1-Methyl-3-pyrrolidinol VL3850061View CAS 13220-33-2
N/A 1-Methylhydantoin VE008629View CAS 616-04-6
N/A 1-Nonanol VE009085View CAS 143-08-8
N/A 2, 3-Dichloro-5, 6-Dicyano-p-Benzoquinone VE009331View CAS 84-58-2
N/A 2, 4, 5-Trifluorobenzyl Methanol VE006144View CAS 144284-25-3
N/A 2, 4, 6-Tripropyl-1, 3, 5-trioxane VE0010242View CAS 2396-43-2
N/A 2, 4-Dichlorobenzaldehyde VE008114View CAS 874-42-0
N/A 2, 5-Di-tert-butylhydroquinone VL3850063View CAS 88-58-4
N/A 2-(4-Hydroxybenzoyl)benzoic Acid VE0010471View CAS 85-57-4
Gimeracil 2-(Hydroxymethyl)benzonitrile VE008619View CAS 89942-45-0
N/A 2-Chloro-1-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)-Ethanol VE008482View CAS 1378757-22-2
N/A 2-Chloropropane VE006037View CAS 75-29-6
N/A 2-Ethyl-1-hexanol VE009081View CAS 104-76-7
N/A 2-Hydroxy-4-methylpyridine VE009310View CAS 13466-41-6
N/A 2-Mercaptoethanol VE006065View CAS 60-24-2
N/A 2-Morpholinobenzothiozole VE0010454View CAS 4225-26-7
N/A 2-[2-(4-nitrosopiperazin-1-yl)ethoxy]ethanol VE007037View
N/A 3, 4-Dichlorobenzaldehyde VE008113View CAS 6287-38-3
N/A 3-Aminopyridine VE006030View CAS 462-08-8
N/A 3-Chloropropionyl Chloride VL2660001View CAS 625-36-5
N/A 3-Methyl-2-pyridone VE009311View CAS 1003-56-1
N/A 4-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2, 6-piperidinedione VE0011269View CAS 84803-46-3
N/A 4-Amino-2-chlorophenol VE008529View CAS 3964-52-1
N/A 4-Bromobutyric Acid VE0011302View CAS 2623-87-2
N/A 4-Chlorobenzyl chloride VL3850022View CAS 104-83-6
N/A 4-Chloropentanoyl Chloride VL3790001View CAS 63480-12-6
N/A 4-Methylpyridine VE006818View CAS 108-89-4
N/A 6, 8-Dichloro-octanoic Acid VE0011312View CAS 41443-60-1
N/A 9-Bromo-1-nonanol VE008244View CAS 55362-80-6
N/A (Benzotriazol-1-yloxy)tripyrrolidinophosphonium hexafluorophosphate VE008408View CAS 128625-52-5

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100-79-8: Solketal

100-79-8: Solketal
Catalogue No.




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

132.16 g/mol

Parent drug



2, 2-Dimethyl-1, 3-dioxolane-4-methanol




“Sci-Hub, Choice of a Catalyst and Technological Scheme for Synthesis of Solketal, 10.1134/S1070427216100094.” Hkvisa.net, 2016, sci-hub.hkvisa.net/10.1134/S1070427216100094.





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