Nicorandil Impurities

Nicorandil is a medication used to treat and lessen angina-related chest discomfort.

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Nebivolol Related Compound

Your blood vessels are made more open and relaxed, which increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your heart.


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What is the therapeutic class of nicorandil?

Nicorandil is a member of the group of substances known as potassium channel activators, which are distinguished by their capacity to relax blood vessels.

Is nicorandil a vasodilator?

Nicorandil is a balanced vasodilator that opens arterial K+ ATP channels and donates NO. Nicorandil could possibly have cardioprotective effects through ischemia preconditioning of the mitochondria.

Is Nicorandil a calcium channel blocker?

Nicorandil increases the outflow of potassium ions via opening ATP-dependent potassium channels in vascular smooth muscle. This has a similar effect to calcium-channel blockers in that it hyperpolarizes the cell membrane, prevents calcium entry, and causes arteries and arterioles to widen.