Oxytetracycline Impurities

An antibiotic that is bacteriostatic is oxytetracycline.

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Impurity structure Parent Drug Name Name of Impurity Catalogue No. CAS No.
Oxytetracycline EP Impurity A Oxytetracycline

Oxytetracycline EP Impurity A

VL1960003 14206-58-7
Oxytetracycline EP Impurity B Oxytetracycline / Lymecycline

Oxytetracycline EP Impurity B

VE0016947 60-54-8
Oxytetracycline EP Impurity C Oxytetracycline

Oxytetracycline EP Impurity C

VL1960004 7647-65-6
Oxytetracycline EP Impurity D Oxytetracycline

Oxytetracycline EP Impurity D

VL1960001 18695-01-7
Oxytetracycline EP Impurity E Oxytetracycline

Oxytetracycline EP Impurity E

VL1960002 18751-99-0
Oxytetracycline EP Impurity F Oxytetracycline

Oxytetracycline EP Impurity F

VE0010378 4660-26-8
Budesonide for System Suitability CRS (Y0001148) Oxytetracycline

Oxytetracycline for system suitability A CRS (Y0002136)

PVE00212 N/A
Tetracycline-D6 Tetracycline / Oxytetracycline


DVE00889 2373374-42-4

Oxytetracycline Related Compound

Oxytetracycline and other tetracyclines have recently been found to have additional modes of action, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunosuppressive properties.



Is oxytetracycline an antifungal?

These medications function as immunosuppressants, prokinetics, and antifungal agents, among several other functions.

What is the mechanism of action of oxytetracycline?

Oxytetracycline stops translation, which stops cell proliferation. It interacts with the 30S ribosomal subunit and blocks the amino-acyl tRNA from attaching to the ribosome’s A site. The binding’s nature is reversible. Because it passively diffuses across porin channels in the bacterial membrane and is lipophilic, oxytetracycline may easily pass through cell membranes.

Is oxytetracycline good for skin infections?

Infections of the skin (such as acne and rosacea), the chest (such as bronchitis and pneumonia), the urinary tract, the yeast, and sexually transmitted infections (such as chlamydia) are all treated with tetracycline antibiotics like oxytetracycline.