33124-69-5: Dehydro Ascorbic Acid

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It is a six-carbon compound related to glucose that is used for vitamin C deficiency and is found in citrus fruits and many vegetables.

Additional information on CAS 33124-69-5

Catalogue No. VE006914
CAS No. 33124-69-5
Molecular Formula C6H6O6
Molecular Weight 174.11
Parent drug Ascorbic Acid
IUPAC Name 5-(1, 2-dihydroxyethyl)furan-2, 3, 4(5H)-trione
Synonyms threo-2, 3-Hexodiulosonic Acid, gama-lactone
References "Sci-Hub, Vitamin C in Disease Prevention and Cure: An Overview. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, 28(4), 314–328, 10.1007/s12291-013-0375-3. (2013). Sci-Hub.se. https://sci-hub.se/10.1007/s12291-013-0375-3 ?"
Status In-stock

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33124-69-5: Dehydro Ascorbic Acid

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